A How to Guide on Free Advertising Ideas

Free Advertising Ideas

Just like you and me, everyone in the business likes the word FREE. Before we begin to explore free advertising ideas, it is impeccable to know a few facts. People look for classified ads as the first place when they’re trying to buy a product or service. At the same time, free classified ads sites have fierce competition. If you want to stand out, you need to do something different every time. No, it’s nothing less than a war, rather a creative war of words, design and out of the box ideas.

Grabbing attention is the key to successful advertising. Once you’ve grabbed attention of readers amongst hundreds of other classified ads, people will actually read your complete advertisement.

Less Mess

As they say, action speaks louder than words. In our case, few words can speak louder than action. Remember this rule of thumb, the fewer the words, the better. It’s easier to grab attention with few words and it helps stick to your readers mind.  For example, you might want to advertise your clothing business. Trying a big word or two explaining what you have to offer creates a much better impact. Such as “WEAR,” with a tagline of “like no one has ever before.” All you try to do here is grab attention of readers in an acceptable legit way.

Be Funny & Creative

If you notice closely, comedy is there in every walk of life. Even when you’re attending a seminar, class, and workshop or running any business, a funny comment goes a long way. It helps your participants, students and partners to always be interested in what you have to say. Taking an example of a shoe shop, you might like to be creative “Use your foot everywhere” with a byline of “XYZ shoes never stops working”. Sometimes you might want to leave people with a little ambiguity too. It helps them to be creative on their own.


When you can’t offer something for free, bargain offers are your best friends. Learn to use figures with psychological impact. If you’re offering something for a dollar, rather use the $0.99 figure. Research has proven this to be helpful and it seems to improve call to action ration as well.

Design – Borders

The list of free advertising ideas cannot be complete without mentioning how big of an impact you can create with minor design changes. It doesn’t matter what options you have available but adding a border, changing font, keeping something italic/bold, change in colors and such eventually create a big difference.

To summarize, following are the best free classified ads sites. Please look over each one of them and try to do something more with less, be creative, funny, offer bargains and play with design.

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